About Us

About Konark Collectables

Those were the best of times. When life cruised leisurely by on phaetons, and men and women graced ballroom floors with minuets and waltzes.

When money never screamed or shouted, but spoke in hushed muted tones.

Those were days of elegance and gracefulness.

Now, you can relive the splendour of it all. With the most gorgeous period furniture ever-exquisite handcrafted Chairs, Sofa Sets, Console Tables, Curio Cabinets, Writing Desks, etc., in solid, sturdy mahogany. Complemented by an equally unique range of Vases, Paintings, Curios and other Collectibles that sing the glory of elegance in the highest.

What’s more, you can do it all under one roof-at KONARK’s exclusive showroom.

Come, look, browse, buy and expand the frontiers of your good taste.